What do we do?
VisitVeluwe takes care of the collective marketing activities at home and abroad in the areas of recreation, corporate tourism and culture/heritage in order to grow the leisure economy in the Veluwe. At VisitVeluwe, we collaborate intensively with a large number of partners from within and outside the region.

Why do we do it?
Through targeted marketing efforts, VisitVeluwe strives to generate a higher number of visitors who stay for longer, spend more and return in the future. Ultimately, we hope to increase our region’s share of the tourism market.

How do we do it?
Our activities revolve around our aim to offer visitors ‘the best possible Veluwe experience’. To achieve this, we utilise various marketing/communication instruments, including:

* visitveluwe.nl (in Dutch, English and German) which zooms in on three themes (Veluwe Culture, Veluwe Active and Veluwe Taste) and presents fresh new images which are innovative, inspiring and authentic;
* social media, because personal stories and photos have more impact than objective descriptions;
* participation in national campaigns and events;
* involvement in events and projects aimed at visitors from abroad, such as ‘The Other Holland’ and ‘Das Andere Holland’;
* press and PR at home and abroad;
* online centre of expertise which provides training related to hospitality and local knowledge.

Maak kennis met ons

  1. Meer over Bastiaan Overeem

    Als Programma Manager werk ik graag samen met partners die vooruit willen met de Veluwe. Mijn keuzes kenmerken zich door niet de gebaande paden te bewandelen. Ik hou van uitdaging, ondernemerschap en creativiteit. Ik krijg energie van niets iets maken, samen doelen realiseren en samen successen vieren.

  2. Meer over Mascha Simons

    I’m energised by collaborating with motivated people and working together to build something wonderful. I love setting goals, taking a pragmatic approach and creating beautiful things in a way that stands out from the rest. Work hard and celebrate your successes – that’s my motto!

  3. Meer over Rémon Ridder

    As someone born and raised in the Veluwe, I never ceased to be surprised by how much the Veluwe region has to offer. I’m proud to be able to work businesses creatively and proactively with local to further develop ‘our’ Veluwe together.

  4. Meer over Rosa Pulles

    By sharing residents’ and visitors’ real stories I aim to inspire other people to discover the beauty of the Veluwe region for themselves, and I always strive to achieve maximum results. For me, the challenge lies in working together to put the Veluwe on the map and to continue the growth into an online community which is a source of inspiration for visitors.